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Enhance e-commerce capabilities and boost profitability with world-class design, development, and support for Sitecore

Organizations of all kinds choose Sitecore to craft beautiful, versatile, and feature-rich e-commerce sites of all sizes, from global online marketplaces to exclusive online boutiques for niche brands.

Auto-indexing – Essential for loan document classification

With loan document packages often exceeding 500 pages and potentially including over 100 unique document types, the mortgage loan origination lifecycle is heavily dependent on accurate and efficient document classification.

How what we learned in retail commerce applies to the consumer lending industry.

The banking world has seen the emergence of numerous FinTech companies, each trying to either partner with, play alongside or acquire market share from traditional banks.

Closing Disclosure to Uniform Closing Dataset - CD2UCD

As part of their Uniform Mortgage Data Program, or UMDP, Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac will begin requiring Closing Disclosures to be delivered in the new Uniform Closing Dataset (UCD) data format beginning in September 2017.

Simplifying Unified Commerce Enablement

What challenges do fashion retailers face as they embrace omni-channel operations? Discover technologies for easier unified commerce deployment.