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Basics of Retail Process Integration

By enhancing data collection and analysis, process integration makes organizations more efficient and profitable. Decision makers receive up-to-date, actionable information that improves their capacity for immediate and long-term planning.

Creating an Effective Map of the Customer Journey

Top retailers map their customer journey to assess and refine their customers’ shopping experience. High-quality data collection and analysis by ERP solutions help them make informed decisions about customer touchpoints along this journey.

Maximizing Operational Visibility Using ERP Technology

In our digital world, a clear cross-channel view of your retail operations is vital for survival. Leading retail brands use ERP solutions to improve process visibility, reveal actionable insights, and enhance data-driven decision making.

Tracking, Reporting, and Forecasting Retail Needs

ERP solutions help you improve three key processes: tracking, reporting, and forecasting. Used together, BI and ERP technologies provide actionable data, reports, and performance metrics that help you make sound business decisions.

5 Tips for Worry-Free ERP Implementation

Successful ERP rollout relies on a detailed deployment strategy, contingency plans for exceptions, and regular communication with all internal and external stakeholders. Follow these five best practices for a smoother ERP deployment.