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Microsoft Dynamics 365
How Prepared are You for Electronic Invoicing?

According to various research firms like Forrester Research and Sterling Commerce, switching from manual invoice processing to an invoice automation solution typically results in major savings.

Microsoft Dynamics 365
If you already use ERP and e-commerce, is integration worth it?

Most companies that use ERP technologies also operate an online store for consumers, or use a web portal for B2B sales. However, many of these companies that use both types of digital technology have yet to unify them.

The Hidden Benefits of Electronic Invoicing

For virtually any business, invoicing is a fact of life. The advantages of quick, cost-effective invoicing practices can spell the difference between turning a profit and merely breaking even.

Staying competitive in an ever-changing market

While chatting with a friend who works at one of the top tech companies in the US, I discovered that he has not received a raise in the last 6 years despite several promotions and relocations.

Microsoft Dynamics 365
Building a digital partner ecosystem beyond traditional B2B/EDI communication

Perception of traditional B2B (business-to-business) electronic communication is all about batch oriented, point to point transactional document exchange with the business partners through EDI VAN or directly managed file transfers.