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Financial Services
Mortgage Lending: The Latest Silver Bullets

Despite our experience to the contrary, we continue to believe in the myth of “Silver Bullet” technologies.

Microsoft Azure
Introducing Dynamics AX7, codename “Rainier”, a.k.a. Microsoft Dynamics AX

This week end Microsoft release CTP 8 release for public preview. Now everyone with partner source or customer source can deploy Microsoft Dynamic AX on Azure.

Digital Technology for Enhancing Customer Experience in 2016

Back in the days when marketers had a traditional approach towards customer experience management, the need to make a strong and consistent impact across multiple channels in order to win and retain customers was not as

Microsoft Dynamics 365
Microsoft Dynamics AX: The Ideal Solution for Small and Medium Sized Businesses

With over 350, 000 customers and 5 million users worldwide, Microsoft Dynamics AX has been catering to small and medium sized businesses for over 25 years. It is the perfect solution for small and medium sized businesses as

How Social Commerce can be used to increase traffic to an e-commerce site

The boom of social media sites and social apps has totally reshaped the way people socialize and is also affecting the global marketing trends significantly. With over 1.23 billion users and still growing, sites like Facebook have c