Loan Document Management

VisiLoanReview (VLR) is a Cloud-based system that facilitates quality control and regulatory compliance, monitors document-to-data integrity, performs special loan audits, facilitates loan boarding, and simplifies High-Cost Lending review and remediation. All data and documents related to pre- or post-funding production channels are carried all the way through to loan boarding. Alternatively, you can board loans, run them through the VLR engine, identify and adjust any discrepancies, and then update the servicing system.

Rules & Workflow-based solution for
pre-/post-close compliance

VisiLoanReview contains many modules and features designed to expedite loan processing, including:

  • Data integrity verification
  • Statutory and business rules compliance
  • Predatory lending checks and remediation
  • Document tracking, including trailing docs
  • MSP loan boarding automation
  • Fraud detection support
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Key features

VisiLoanReview contains many modules and features designed to expedite loan processing

  •   Data integrity verification

    VisiLoanReview automatically validates data and minimizes manual entry, so you can process loans with confidence.

  •   Statutory and business rules compliance

    Ensure that every document meets the latest set of legal requirements. VisiLoanReview checks every document against the most current list of rules for compliance, and flags any potential discrepancies.

  •   Predatory lending checks and remediation

    VisiLoanReview automatically checks loan terms, rates, and other data against relevant predatory lending rules and regulations at the federal and state level.

  •   Document tracking including trailing docs

    Keep each loan document’s complete version history in one convenient repository, including lien waivers, riders, deeds of trust, and more.

  •   MSP loan boarding automation

    Expedite and simplify the loan boarding process using automated workflows and the MSP loan servicing platform.

  •   Fraud detection support

    Protect yourself from malicious parties and avoid unnecessary risk. VisiLoanReview enforces information security and alerts you to suspicious data.